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Mari is writing and performing the theme for the Galaxy Angel game.

Mari will perform at Genghis Cohen on November 4th at 8 PM. There is a flyer for the gig in the Flyer Gallery. She will also be at the Japan Expo in Los Angeles on November 24th and 25th, and at Space 6057 on December 2nd.

Video clips in QuickTime and RealMedia formats have been added to the God's Gift Synopsis has a top 100 albums of all time poll--each person can vote for up to five different albums. Please take a minute to vote for No Limit and Right Now! Thanks to everyone who voted, No Limit was in the top twenty of the favorite album chart for over a year. Let's see if we can get Mari's albums up that high in this new poll!

Do you want to buy a gift for Mari? She has a gift registry at! They can't deliver to a post office box, so you will need to have the gift shipped to you, and then send it to Mari yourself.

Upcoming Events

Mari has several gigs coming up in Los Angeles. She will perform at Genghis Cohen on November 4th, at the Japan Expo in the LA Convention Center on November 24th and 25th, and at Space 6057 on December 2nd.

Mari will be a guest at Nan Desu Kan in Denver on September 20-22, 2002.

Mari wrote the ending theme for the short film White Shadow, which was entered in the Sundance Film Festival--the producer/director, Mr. Kiuchi, is a fan of Mari. The title of the song is Looking for a shadow.

Mari has writen a soundtrack for the 1925 silent movie Lorna Doone. This is a personal project of one of Mari's American fans. The soundtrack CD will be on sale in November.

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Buy Mari's Work

Right Now, the new CD, is on sale now through Mari's web page. You can also buy posters and stickers. Mari sent out an announcement when the CD went on sale.

In Japan Right Now has been released by Warner Music Japan. Japanese fans can buy it from HMV.

CD Japan is a good choice for buying CDs over the web.

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This is Mari's own home page, in English. Very nice!
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Another American fan page.
September Rain
A Japanese fan page by Pete, a regular in Mari's chat room. This is the best Japanese language site I know of.
International Mari'n Site
A Japanese page with lots of information. This is the source for the discography information on the few CDs I don't own myself.

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