Genghis Cohen, June 2000

About the Venue

Mari talking

Genghis Cohen is a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, located at the corner of Fairfax and Melrose. There is a music lounge which is separate from the restaurant, and seats up to 60 people (although it would be very crowded). There is a small stage area at the front. They mostly book solo singer/songwriter acts. This was Mari's second gig at Genghis Cohen.

Mari's Gig

The show started at around 8:30 PM. Mari performed ten songs this time. She began by singing Everybody's Lonely and More than yesterday.

Mari playing the piano

Next she sang a patriotic song from England called Lionheart--that song was written by Kate Bush. This was kind of interesting, since there is generally not a whole lot of English influence in Los Angeles.

After that, Mari sang Angel Eyes, No Limit, Cinderella, Right Now, rained again, and Kiss on the forehead. The show would have ended there, but the audience applauded so loudly that Mari sang Do you remember love? as an encore.

Mari singing

After the Show

After the show, Mari sold T-shirts and CDs, and talked to the people who had come to see her. This time there were a number of people who had traveled a long way to see Mari. There were three people from Japan, one from Hong Kong, and two who had driven from Portland, Oregon (a distance of around 1300 km).

Mari talking Mari smiling

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