Genghis Cohen, August 2000

About the Venue

Mari smiling

Genghis Cohen is a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, located at the corner of Fairfax and Melrose. There is a music lounge which is separate from the restaurant, and seats up to 60 people (although it would be very crowded). There is a small stage area at the front. They mostly book solo singer/songwriter acts. This was Mari's third gig at Genghis Cohen.

Mari's Gig

The show started at 8:00 PM. Mari performed eleven songs, including four new songs. The audience has been growing with each gig, and this time the place was pretty crowded! Mari began by singing one of the new songs, Dream, which is in Japanese.

Next she sang Us, Blueberry Jam, and I miss you. Apparently Blueberry Jam is the personal favorite of one audience member, who cheered loudly when Mari said it was her next song.

Mari singing

The piano accompaniment for Us struck me as being particularly good this time. Perhaps it was my memory failing, but it seemed like Mari did something different with the song for this performance.

Next Mari sang two more new songs, Sing for me and Happy Birthday. Sing for me was in Japanese, and Happy Birthday was English. I thought Happy Birthday was very good.

After the two new songs, she sang More than yesterday, Do you remember love?, No Limit, and Rained Again.

Mari talking

Andy and Ryan went up to the stage, and sang What a wonderful world while Mari played the piano. The audience applauded them very loudly.

Finally, Mari sang Looking for a shadow. This is the song she wrote as the ending theme for the short movie White Shadow. It's a short song in English, and it's really good. I look forward to seeing the movie.

Mari singing Mari singing

After the Show

When the show was over, Mari went outside to a table on the restaurant's patio to sell CDs and sign autographs. Many of the people in the audience formed a line to buy CDs and get autographs. When the doorman for the music room came outside, he was amazed by the crowd of people--apparently the people who perform at Genghis Cohen aren't usually so popular.

Mari with fan Mari signing autographs

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