Genghis Cohen, September 2001

About the Venue

Mari talking

Genghis Cohen is a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, located at the corner of Fairfax and Melrose. There is a music lounge which is separate from the restaurant, and seats up to 60 people (although it would be very crowded). There is a small stage area at the front. They mostly book solo singer/songwriter acts. This was Mari's fifth gig at Genghis Cohen.

Mari's Gig

The show started just after 7 PM. Mari performed songs, including several songs from Right Now. The audience was very large this time--all the available seats were taken, and many people were standing in the back. Mari's gig was the LA Weekly Pick of the Week, which is very prestigious and gave her lots of publicity. There were also three fans from Japan this time.

Mari smiling

First Mari sang Right Now, the title song of her new album. Next she sang More than yesterday, then If You Really Want To Know, another song from the new album. Mari's piano accompaniment for this song was really good.

Mari singing

After that she sang a few songs from Rosé, her first album. The first was Love Sick--this was the first time in eighteen years she has performed it. The other was Blueberry Jam.

Mari singing

Next she sang ai oboeteimasuka from Macross. After that she introduced Jeff Babko, who played the piano while Mari sang for the next two songs. The first of these was You Don't Love Me, the second was Signal, from Mari's second album blanche.

The last song was Rained Again, also from the new album.
Mari and Jeff

After the Show

When the show was over, Mari went outside to a table on the restaurant's patio to sell CDs, videos, and stickers and sign autographs.

Mari smiling Mari looking up

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