A-Kon Special Report


Mari had two Q & A sessions, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. She performed at the masquerade, and there was a banquet that I didn't go to (her table was sold out before I found out about it). She had two autograph sessions on Saturday, and one on Sunday. There may have been one on Friday too, but I didn't get to Dallas until late so I don't know.

Autograph Sessions

The autograph sessions were more relaxed than the one at FanimeCon, and there wasn't a huge line. I think having multiple sessions helped. She was selling her t-shirts, and a Rain & Shine concert tour booklet. At the various sessions, I got her autograph on Rain & Shineand CD File (she told me that Victor hadn't gotten her permission to make it--something to keep in mind for your CD purchases). I also bought one of the booklets, which she signed, and a t-shirt for a co-worker who I'd introduced to her music.

Saturday Q & A Session

Mari Iijima's A-Kon panel.

This session was pretty informal. The audience were allowed to ask as many questions as they wanted, and take pictures throughout. There was no chair for Mari, so she had to sit on the edge of the stage the whole time. I showed up early enough to get a front-row seat right opposite her. I wrote down her answers to the questions:

Towards the end, some people in the audience convinced her to sing something. I thought they were a bit rude about it myself. Anyway, she sang part of ai oboeteimasu ka a capella.


Her concert was held during the masquerade, between the (seemingly endless) skits and the awards presentation. She sang five songs--Free Style, "D", More than yesterday (all from Rain & Shine), Sudden Kiss, and ai oboeteimasu ka.

The first four songs were with recorded music, and for ai oboeteimasu ka she was accompanied by Jim Studer playing piano.

Mari Iijima singing at A-Kon. Mari signing with Jim Studer on piano.

Sunday Q & A Session

This session was also pretty informal, but this time she had a chair. Again, I took notes. Some of the questions went over the same ground as the Saturday session, so I didn't include that here.


There are concert photos and panel photos on the A Fan's View web site. The photos were taken by Kevin Lillard, who did a much better job than me.

If anyone translates this information for a Japanese website, please tell me the URL so I can link to it.

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