Anime Weekend Atlanta Special Report


Mari's concert was Friday night, and she was also on the Macross panel on Saturday morning. After each event she had an autograph session, at which she also sold CDs.


Mari singing.

Mari's concert was scheduled for 7 PM, right after the opening ceremony. This time there was no line-- the room was open from 5 PM, and people could take whatever seat was available as they came in. The room was packed for Mari's concert, with people lining the walls and sitting in the aisles.

Mari sang Everybody's Lonelyand No Limit in English, then Airmail from Paris, Mari'n, and ai oboeteimasuka in Japanese--she sang all those songs while playing the piano. She finished by singing More than yesterday with recorded music.

Mari singing.

After ai oboeteimasuka, she asked the audience if they wanted her to sing one more song--the answer was a resounding "Yes!" While she was getting the music for More than yesterday, she asked if she had done okay--everyone cheered loudly.

At the end of the concert, the audience gave Mari a standing ovation. This was definitely one of the more enthusiatic convention audiences!

Mari singing. Mari singing.

Friday Autograph Session

The autograph session on Friday began immediately after Mari's concert. The line was very long, and a couple of times after the line was gone, additional groups of people came up wanting autographs and CDs.

Mari signing autographs. Mari signing autographs.

Macross Panel

Mari answering questions.

Mari was on the Macross panel on Saturday at 11 AM. Also on the panel were Robert Woodhead, president of AnimEigo, and Neil Nadelman, a translator (who didn't say much). AnimEigo will be releasing the original Macross TV series with English subtitles on VHS and DVD. Some of the questions were directed at Robert Woodhead, but I won't cover them thoroughly. Here's what Mari had to say:

Mr. Woodhead was asked if Mari would be doing an intro or something for the subtitled Macross release. He said that they hadn't talked yet, but they would like to do something.

Mari singing ai oboeteimasuka.

Someone asked Mari to sing something as soon as she arrived, so at the end of the panel she sang part of ai oboeteimasuka a capella. After the song, the audience applauded loudly and gave her another standing ovation.

Saturday Autograph Session

The autograph session on Saturday began after the Macross panel. The line seemed a bit shorter than the previous session, but again more people kept coming along when the line thinned out. Maybe they were making trips to the ATM so they could buy CDs...

Mari signing autographs. Mari signing autographs.


The A Fan's View website has pictures of Mari's concert and the Macross panel. This site is done by Kevin Lillard, an excellent photographer.

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