Cartoon/Fantasy Organization Special Report

The Event

Mari laughing

Mari was a guest at the 23rd anniversary meeting of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization, on May 27, 2000. The C/FO meets at the the clubhouse of the LA Science Fiction Society, in North Hollywood. It's a small club--there were about twenty people there.

The event was pretty informal. Mari talked to various club members, held a short Q & A session, and sang three songs. After singing, she sold CDs, T-shirts, and concert booklets. She also cut the cake for the club's anniversary, and the club president gave her a gift certificate.

Question and Answer Session

Mari singing

Mari spend some time answering questions from audience members. Here's what she had to say:


Mari cutting the cake

Mari sang Cinderella, More than yesterday, and Do you remember love? after the question and answer session.

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