Excerpts from the C/FO Bulletin

These stories appeared in the C/FO Bulletin, Vol. 23, No. 2. They are reprinted here with the permission of the C/FO.

Mari Iijima Kicks off 23 years.

LOS ANGELES-- As promised, Mari Iijima attended the 23rd Anniversary of the C/FO Cartoon/Fantasy Organization. When Mari showed up, the room got hot pretty quickly...literally! This was because the air conditioner power switch access was behind a locked door. No one there had the key except the custodian of the place.

We had special unannounced guests show up. A rep. from harmony Gold Mr. Andre Alas, a girl friend Ms. Ishizuka, and Mr. Shin Kurokawa of AnimEigo, who is doing the subtitling to the Macross TV series. He is currently subtitling and digitally remastering the series and taking out most of the imperfections in the original prints. Mr. Kurokawa was here in LA on business talking with the reps from harmony Gold and Carl Macek earlier in the week. He also knew of Mari from before and quite accidently came across our announcement on the WEB and came to see her as well. A possible Mari English narration? Perhaps?

All in all it was a fun get together.

Cartoon/Fantasy Organization--May 2000 Meeting

The 277th/23rd anniversary meeting, on 27 May at the LASFS' Freehafer Hall in North Hollywood, drew 34 attendees; 20 members and 14 public. Among those attending for the anniversary celebrations were featured guest Mari Iijima, Francis Fung who came from Fresno, Shin Kurokawa from AnimEigo in Wilmington, NC who happened to be in Los Angeles on business, and Mitchell Beiro who had spent a half-day on a Greyhound bus to get here. Jeff Roady displayed some of his anime models and offered one of Lynn Minmay to Mari Iijima. Jerry Shaw photographed the meeting. Henry Brown brought a projection TV system for the video program. The Sherbert Productions staff bought their latest videos to show. Fred Patten distributed the 2000 Membership Directory to members. The Hello, Kitty maneki-neko bank was set out for donations to the club treasury. Contributors to the day-long party included Kelley Benham (a home-backed cake), Henry Brown, Jr. (lots of fried chicken drumsticks), John Alexander Hall (4 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts), James Lomax (a 7-Up cake), Fred Patten (Fritos & soft drinks), Steve Schultheis (Pringles), Jerry Shaw (several boxes of Ding Dongs & Twinkies), Greg Villagrana (picnic plates & cups, two Von's party submarine sandwiches, & lots of sparkling cider), Robert John Williams (chocolate chip cookies), Roy Yeakey (two loaves of pumpkin bread), and Don Yee (soft drinks).

Most of the scheduled video program was replaced by the personal appearance of guest Mari Iijima, who enjoyed herself so much that she stayed all afternoon. She answered questions at length about how she had been selected for the voice actress of Lynn Minmay (she was one of over 500 to audition; most others had sung popular songs while she sang a composition of her own; the producers realized the publicity potential of an animated teen singing star voiced by an actual teen singer-composer); why she never did any other animation voices (she wanted to concentrate on a singing and TV acting career rather than a voice acting career); what life as an idol singer was like; and what the differences between the show business industry in Tokyo and Hollywood were like. She played a synthesizer and sang three of her songs for us, and sold & autographed copies of her latest C.D., No Limit. Ms. Iijima's presentation was followed by the serving of the anniversary cake. Then everyone was asked to pose in front of the Hall for a group photograph, taken by Don Yee, followed by several more taken by attendees with their own cameras.

Pres. Don Yee opened the Business Meeting by asking, "How did you guys like it?" (the party). Wild applause. Jerry Shaw asked to make sure that we would send a thank-you note to Mari Iijima for coming. There was joking about auctioning off the chair that she had sat in; if it had not been LASFS property, this might have been done. Attendees who had come especially for the anniversary meeting were introduced.

Yee had almost 20 pages of anime news printed from the Internet, mostly from Anime Expo and Bandai. It was resolved that he should publish this in the Bulletin instead of taking the time to read it all. There would be a screening on Friday, 2 June at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art of Ghost in the Shell and Tetsuo (The Iron Man). Yee noted that most Bandai news was about DVD releases. There was discussion about how DVD releases were killing the sales off subtitled videos, since most serious anime fans who had been supporting the subtitled video market were now waiting to buy bilingual DVDs. It was expected that separate subtitled video releases would be discontinued by the end of the year. Other news: Yee would attend Project A-Kon in Texas next week. The former Yaohan Plaza shopping centers around Southern California had almost completed their transition to their new Mitsuwa name and ownership. Mitsuwa had just announced that, due to considerable vacancy (35% in the main Little Tokyo mall), it would undergo a transformation from a Japanese-cultural shopping center to a Southeast Asian shopping center, inviting ethnic shops from the Chinese Korean, Viet, Filipino, Thai, and related communities.

Vice Pres. Jeff Roady said that if anyone was still looking for the Fritz the Cat video as he had requested, they could stop; he had found it. He offered it for our programming. The desirability of a Ralph Bakshi animation series was discussed. Roady commended DreamWorks for its heavy and imaginative advertising campaign for Chicken Run. Roady read a report from Cinescape, May-June 2000, on plans to make an ElfQuest movie. Those who had attended the LASFS' Hu-La-La Con the previous weekend added that Marv Wolfman, who was involved with the ElfQuest movie production, had given fresher and encouraging news about it. Other news: Bandai representatives had announced that Gundam W was the second most popular (after Dragon Ball Z) program on the Toonami segment of the Cartoon Network; that Gundam W: Endless Waltz was considered too violent for a regular Toonami broadcast but might get a midnight run and a video release; and that preliminary merchandising for Titan A.E. included two paperback novel prequels.

Secretary Fred Patten announced the publication of our 2000 membership Directory. He had verified that the C/FO-Cleveland was still meeting, and C/FO-Cleveland's Michael Sherman had sent his best wishes to us. he reviewed the LASFS' Hu-La-La mini-convention as having been very enjoyable, including some American & Japanese animation and panels.

Programmer Richard Reichman began sarcastically, "As your Programmer, I hop you have been enjoying the program today!" This drew lots of laughter since most of the video schedule had been dispensed with. Reichman promised to schedule some Bakshi movies if we really wanted to see them. Jerry Shaw asked for a public show of appreciation for Henry Brown for bringing the projection TV; he was applauded. Bob Miller announced that three "missing" episodes of Starship Troopers which had never been broadcast would probably go directly to video.

Treasurer "Red" Baron reported $1,300 left in the Treasury after paying expenses. Library Baron reported lots of new titles in the Video Library; see the updated Library Catalogue.

Bulletin Editor. Don Yee asked if everyone had gotten the May Bulletin? Everyone had. Yee planned to continue the "newspaper" format for the rest of this year. He asked us to express our appreciation to Baron's sister for baking our chocolate-with-strawberry-filling anniversary cake; we applauded her. Baron revealed that he had personally donated the cost of the cake, so it had not cost the club anything. Yee noted that we were about the auction off the C/FO's computer, which had been evaluated by Stephen Paschke; its specifications were published in the Bulletin.

General announcements: Bob Miller had a correction to the April Bulletin. The reported "ASIFA-Hollywood" protest march against sending American animation production to Canada was actually by the Screen Cartoonists' Union local #839. ASIFA was a cultural-art association which did not involve itself in political activism. Also, The Cartoon Network had just obtained broadcast rights for Tenchi Muyo! and Blue Submarine #6. Mitchell Beiro announced that he would probably move to Philadelphia in about a year, shortly before our 24th anniversary. He planned to keep up his C/FO membership. There was discussion of having him design a T-shirt for our 25th anniversary, and of our buying him a cross-country bus ticket so he could attend that meeting.

Don Yee conducted an auction. The value of the C/FO computer was estimated at about $100. it was won by Peter Santell for $6.05. Other donations sold for an additional total of $33.90, to James Lomax, Steve Schultheis, Eric Bitton, Stephen Paschke, & John hall. There were calls for Don Yee to auction his art services. Yee refused to for this month, but promised to do so next month.

The May program was:

The Music of Sherbert *
Cowboy Bebop, Session #1, 'Asteroid Blues'
featurette: Macross: Flash Back 2012 (Tatsunoko Prod Co., 1987)
featured guest: Mari Iijima feature: The Castle of Cagliostro (Tokyo Movie Shinsha, 1979) **

* a half-hour video of music videos, including "Sailor Moon: The Tra-La-La Song"; "The Universe According to Iczer", "Iczer-C, Warrior Airhead", "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers", "Project A-Kon 10: Any Dream Will Do" (video footage of the Project A-Kon 10 Costume winners), and "The Real Lion King" (music from The Lion King to visuals from Jungle Emperor Leo), among others.

** The new Manga Entertainment translation. There were comments that some dialogue seems to be more accurate than the earlier Streamline translation, but other dialogue seemed less accurate. Nobody was interested enough to want to watch both versions together for a real comparison.

-- Fred Patten, Secretary

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