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Mari's concert was Saturday afternoon, and also included a short question and answer session. She had another short question and answer session on Sunday, and there were autograph sessions all three days.

Friday Autograph Session

The autograph session on Friday started at 5:30 PM, not long after registration began. The line wasn't as long for this session, probably because people were working or stuck in the registration lines. I got my copy of Believe autographed, and also purchased another copy of No Limit. Mari posed for pictures with many of the fans.

Mari signing autographs. Mari with fans.


The line for Mari's concert.

Mari's concert was scheduled for 1:00 PM, right after another concert by someone named "Apollo Smile." The line didn't start until an hour before, when the other concert's line was out of the way, but it quickly extended down the hall and out of sight. The convention staff allowed attendees to get good seats--a welcome contrast to some conventions which insist on leaving twelve rows of empty seats in the front. I was able to get a seat in the front row, about 10 or 15 feet from Mari.

Mari talking about her songs.

Mari started by singing No Limit and "D" (English version) to recorded music, and then sang ai oboeteimasuka and Angel's Paints while playing the keyboard. This was the first time for her to both play and sing at an anime convention, and also her first time performing Angel's Paints at a convention. There was a Q & A session after the concert, and after someone asked Mari to sing another song, so she sang More than yesterday.

Mari singing.

Mari then answered questions for about twenty minutes. At the end of the question and answer session, someone asked her to sing something else, so she sang More than yesterday to recorded music. That made me very happy, since it's my favorite song.

Mari singing. Mari singing More than yesterday.

Saturday Q & A Session

Mari answering questions.

Mari had a short question and answer session on Saturday after her concert. Here's what she had to say:

Saturday Autograph Session

The line for Mari's autograph session.

The autograph session on Saturday started after Mari's concert and panel ended. The line for this was long, as most of the people who were in the concert went on to get autographs and buy copies of No Limit.

Mari signing autographs. Mari signing autographs.

Sunday Q & A Session

Mari answering questions.

Mari had a short question and answer session Sunday afternoon before her autograph session. As usual, I recorded it.

Sunday Autograph Session

This session started right after Mari's panel. The line was shorter, but it kept being refilled by people, so it stayed the same length almost the entire time. There was a camera crew from the Discovery Channel on hand filming for a show called Splat! They were going to interview her after the autograph session, but I had to leave to catch my plane, so I couldn't photograph that. She was also interviewed by a writer for Protoculture Addicts.

Mari signing autographs. Mari with fan William Mizuno.


The A Fan's View website has pictures of Mari's concert. This site is done by Kevin Lillard, an excellent photographer.

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