Over and Over

by Mari Iijima

CD Name: Believe Track Number: 10Length: 3:51
Musicians: Keyboards & Drum machine Programming: James Studer
Guitar: Paul Jackson Jr.
Drums: George Perilli
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Background Vocals: James Studer, Mari Iijima


Feel my desire
I want you in my arms
My heart's on fire
This is no false alarm
I can feel the flames
Can't be tamed
Wanna drink you up like wine
No I can't get off my mind

*Over and over
I reach for you lover
Yeah I want you with me tonight
Over and over
I want to discover
This feeling we're feeling inside

Power of conviction
You got it in your eyes
Man on a mission
You make me feel so right

**Baby when you're near me
It's ecstasy
It happens every time
No I can't get you off my mind


One touch
It's fire
It's a sweet rush
One kiss
I never knew what I missed


*repeat x 2

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