Feel the Sunshine

by Mari Iijima

CD Name: It's a Love Thing Track Number: 4Length: 4:12
Musicians: Keyboards: James Studer
Guitar: Michael Landau
Bass: Abraham Laboriel
Drums: John Robinson
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Flugel Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Horn Arrangement by Jerry Hey

Mixed by Brian Malouf
Other albums with this song: Something Special


When I wake up and make up my mind
What to do with the day
You are half asleep in my arms
What a beautiful face
I love you so much
I wanna hold you tight
You're the only one

You wiped away a tear as you typed
Another letter for me
You can feel so easy
I'm right there by your side

* Let's feel the sunshine
Look at the blue, blue sky
Our happiness is here
Come on!
Feel the sunshine
Sun shine in on you
We can be so great together

When I called you and told you
How much I'm thinking of you
I can feel so easy
You are right there by my side always

Babe I was waiting for you
So long
I was dreaming of you
And now
You are coming to me
I will never forget this feeling

* repeat

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