by Mari Iijima

CD Name: It's a Love Thing Track Number: 8Length: 4:38
Musicians: Vocal & Keyboards: James Studer
Guitar: Michael Landau
Bass: Abraham Laboriel
Drums: John Robinson
Sax: Michael Paulo
Percussion: Lenny Castro

Mixed by Brian Malouf
Other albums with this song: Something Special


"Hi, darling...
What are you doing now?
Still love me?
I miss you."

I can't live without your love
I don't want to feel so lonely, baby
Any more
I am loving you dearly
I am hoping we can be together

Yes... Why don't you trust me
Please stop crying for me
'Cause we are in love

* Baby...Baby say you love me
Come to see me
Look into my eyes, tonight
Baby...Baby say you love me
Touch my body
Kiss me gently, please...tonight
Only you

Your voice is sounding far away
Putting the phone next to my heart
So tight
When you are looking at the moon
I am looking at the setting sun

Yes, I'm waiting for you
Please, don't make me feel blue
'Cause we are in love

* repeat

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