Everybody's Lonely

by Mari Iijima

CD Name: No Limit Track Number: 2Length: 4:14
Musicians: Synthesizer Programming: James Studer
Bass: Matt Bissonette
Guitar: Tim Pierce


I was so lonely
Weren't you so lonely?
I just want to ask you
Are you still me friend?

If you are so married
My love should have been buried
Don't be so sorry
'Cause this is not the end


I missed you so
I missed you more
Every time that I tried to forget you
I'll let you go
But can you stay with me tonight?
'Cause I love you
'Cause I love you

You're my one and only
Is she your one and only?
Say you love me more than her
Can you just pretend?

I can't make you love me
Like the way you used to love me
But we could still be good together
What do you intend?


Everybody's lonely
Everybody's lonely

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