Irony of Fate

by Mari Iijima

CD Name: No Limit Track Number: 8Length: 4:30
Musicians: Drums: Gregg Bissonette
Bass: Matt Bissonette
Guitar: Tim Pierce, George Bernhardt
Keyboards: James Studer
Background Vocals: Mari Iijima


"What's up with you?"
You said in your mail
"I have the flu and I look so pale"
Sometimes we do enjoy telling our tales

I fell for you
A long while ago
You liked me too
You were married though
Now you're by yourself
But I'm not alone
Too bad...

It's like an irony of fate
Things never turn out as I wish
It's just like an irony of fate
It kills me

"When can I see you?"
Should I say in my mail?
A table for two I was hot on the trail
Don't leave a clue
Don't go into detail

"Let's have an affair"
I wrote half as a joke
I bet you don't dare
Maybe I make you choke
Do you even care?
My heart is still broke
'Cause you...


Run away
Run away
After dark
Get away
Right or wrong
I don't care
Run away
Run away
Strike a spark
See you later
See you later


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