Don't Leave Me Lonely Tonight

by Mari Iijima & James Studer

CD Name: The Classics Track Number: 12Length: 4:16
Musicians: Keyboards: James Studer
Bass: Wayne Nelson
Drums: John Keane
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Background Vocals: Oz Fox, Wayne Nelson
Recorded by Dan Marnien
Mixed by Peter Kelsey
2nd Engineer: Tom Winslow


One look and love begins
You try to pull me in
Smiling sweetly and telling me lies
You say it's foolish just a game
Once hearts are broken they're not the same
It shows in your eyes

Just hold me close and never leave
I'll hold on strong as long as we believe

*Don't leave me lonely tonight
Not when our love is in sight
You know I just want to have you here with me
Don't leave me tonight

Dark clouds on a broken moon
Waves roll in, love can fly so soon
Could be so easy to love you again
One touch, and you banish time
One more and I lose my mind
Touch me again

My heart starts beating like the wind
I feel the need in me
Then baby you touch me again


Don't leave me lonely tonight
Not when our love is in sight


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