Send Love To Me -ai o todokete-

by Mari Iijima

CD Name: The Classics Track Number: 5Length: 4:05
Musicians: Guest Vocalist: Joseph Williams
Keyboards: James Studer
Bass: Nathan East
Guitar: David Williams
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Sax: Kim Hutcheroft, Michael Paulo
Trumpets: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Percussion: Alex Acuna
Mixed by Dan Marnien
Other albums with this song: My Heart In Red


I'm dreaming when I think of you
I'm wondering what are you doing now
I want to call you
But it's daybreak there
I should wait
Wait a while

I'm smiling when I talk to you
You make me happy
And you give me hope

*"Believe me, baby" I said
"I'm all right" you said
"I love you" "Still love me?"
I'm crazy for you

Send love to me Send love to me
Send love to me Promise!

Feel so good when I'm in your arms
I'm hearing your sweet heartbeat


Send love to me Send love to me
Send love to me

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