God's Gift

God's Gift episode title Mari's name in the credits

Those are not Mari's legs. :-)


Mari was a guest star on an episode of Pacific Blue, a TV series that airs on the USA cable network. The episode is titled God's Gift, and it first aired on December 5, 1999 at 8 PM. Her character is a girl named Kiko.

The episode had two unrelated story lines: the story involving Mari's character, and one about a cult. I'll gloss over the cult story line in this synopsis. The cult is made up of women who think God wants them to be prostitutes. Let's just leave it at that.


Kiko posing with friends

Scene 1 (QuickTime)
Scene 1 (RealMedia)

Two off-duty policemen are walking along a sidewalk at Venice Beach. One of them points out two roller-blading women in bikinis. The other makes various comments to the effect that he doesn't like would-be actresses whose appearance is the result of plastic surgery. He then says, "I wanna be with that!" The viewpoint changes to show Kiko (Mari) standing with a group of Japanese tourists. The two cops exchange comments about high-class women being high maintenance. Kiko and the girls walk past the cops--the one who was interested in Kiko waves, and they giggle. The cops continue walking and see a blond girl passing out sandwiches. That leads into the cult part of the story, which I won't cover.

Kiko walking with friends

A cultural note here for people who don't speak English as a first language. The word that is supposed to be used to talk about inanimate objects, not people. Unfortunately, there are many men in America who see women (especially beautiful women), as objects for their amusement and not as real people. The cop's choice of words shows that he is one of those men.

Later, the three Japanese girls who were with Mari before are walking down the Venice Boardwalk when a man on rollerblades appears and grabs the purse one of them is carrying. Several cops try to catch him on bicycles and on foot, but they are very clumsy and fail to catch him.

Kiko explaining what happened

Scene 2 (QuickTime)
Scene 2 (RealMedia)

The Japanese tourist whose purse was stolen is telling to the cops what happened in Japanese. The cops don't understand Japanese, so they're confused. Kiko walks up and asks the tourist what happened, then translates into English for the cops. She introduces herself as the head of the tour group, and says that she feels bad because she told them (the tour group) that shopping there was safe.

Kiko asking if Granger can help

The two off-duty cops who saw her before are there, and they rush to introduce themselves. The one who pointed Kiko out before is named Russ Granger. Kiko asks, "Can you help me?" Granger says, "That's what I'm here for." He goes on to promise that he will personally catch the thief. The two on-duty female cops who were interviewing the tourists roll their eyes. Later one of the cops, a short blonde woman who looks more like a model than a cop, convinces her superior that she and Granger can catch the thief by using rollerblades themselves.

Back at the police station, Granger looks for information about similar crimes in the computer. He finds that the thief had previously worked in the Bay Area. There is a picture of an unusual looking figure that thief had stolen. Another cop comes along and gives him a hard time about what he is doing. I get the impression that most of the cops don't like each other very much. After that, there are several scenes about the cult storyline. Granger and the blond cop (whose name is Harper) take off along the boardwalk on rollerblades looking for the thief. More cult scenes follow.

Scene 3 (QuickTime)
Scene 3 (RealMedia)

Kiko and tourist talking Kiko telling how much money was lost

The scene is back to the police station, now at night. Kiko and the girl whose purse was stolen are giving a statement. The police are amazed to learn that the stolen purse had $10,000 in it. Kiko explains that the tourist was here on a shopping spree, because things in Japan are much more expensive. Harper asks about the cost of travel, and Kiko says, "Tokyo has no big movie stars or David Hasselhoff." Granger says, "Don't you worry, we'll be on top of this guy." Kiko and the tourist laugh at him, and Granger asks why they keep laughing at him. Kiko says, "She (the tourist) says you look handsome." Granger says, "domo arigatou," and Kiko and the tourist laugh again.

Kiko and tourist laughing Kiko and tourist laughing at Granger
The thief about to steal Kiko's purse

Scene 4 (QuickTime)
Scene 4 (RealMedia)

After that, there are a bunch of scenes about the cult story. Next we see Kiko putting money from an ATM in her purse. The thief on rollerblades grabs her purse, and she calls for help. Granger and Harper pursue, but they can't keep up. Granger tells Harper, "I'm just afraid I'll never get my chance with Kiko." Then it's back to the cult story.

Kiko and Granger talking Kiko crying

Scene 5 (QuickTime)
Scene 5 (RealMedia)

Kiko and Granger are walking into the police station, talking. Granger asks, "What were you doing carrying $12,000 in cash?" Kiko explains, "The other girls gave me that money, to pay for their hotels. What am I going to do?" Granger says not to worry, he'll get it back. Kiko says, "I want to believe you, but you also said you'd protect me, and now... what if I lose my job?" She starts crying. She's being noticeably manipulative here, but Granger doesn't catch on. She says, "I can't even pay for my own food now." Granger offers to take her to dinner, and Kiko replies, "I don't know. I don't know you very well." Granger says, "Well, that's what I'm hoping to change." Next there is another scene on the cult storyline.

Kiko talking to Granger Kiko talking to Granger

In between scenes on the cult story, Granger is rollerblading around asking people if they recognize the thief from a picture taken by the ATM camera. He finally finds a clerk at an ice cream stand who tells him that the thief comes by for ice cream every day. Granger stakes out the ice cream stand by hiding behind a narrow metal sign post about twenty feet down the sidewalk--his surveillance technique could use some work. Needless to say, he doesn't catch the thief. Then it's back to the cult story, which is finally resolved.

Kiko wearing the evidence

Scene 6 (QuickTime)
Scene 6 (RealMedia)

Granger is having coffee with Kiko at an outdoor café. He tells her that he's happy she called. Kiko is wearing the figure that was in the police report as being stolen by the thief in the Bay Area on a necklace. Kiko says, "Well, you have been so nice to me--so heroic." Granger starts to reply and finally notices Kiko's pendant. He asks where she got it.

Kiko being booked

Granger finally realizes that Kiko was working with the rollerblade thief the whole time. Kiko is led away to a cell, looking sadly at Granger as she walks by.

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