LA Fan Club Trip and Genghis Cohen Gig

Wednesday, 22 November 2000

Mari talking on the bus

The tour started at the Bradley Terminal of Los Angeles International Airport at 11:30 AM. There was a large tour bus to provide transportation, and a Japanese speaking tour guide. The group got on the bus and headed to the Westside Pavillion, a shopping mall in West Los Angeles.

Everybody ate lunch and walked around the mall for about one and a half hours. After that, the group returned to the bus and drove around a bit, as the tour guide pointed out things that might be of interest to tourists in LA. The bus stopped on Melrose Avenue and the group got out and walked around some shops along the street for 30 minutes. After that, the bus took the group back to the Holiday Inn Select Beverly Hills, the hotel where the fan club members were staying.

Mari at Islands

The tour group met in the hotel lobby at 7 PM and walked a few blocks to Islands, a fancy burger restaurant. Everybody ate dinner and talked for about two hours. The members of the tour group had to introduce themselves in the language they didn't know well--English for the Japanese fans, and Japanese for the Americans.

Thursday, 23 November 2000

Mari playing volleyball fans playing volleyball

The tour group met in the hotel lobby just after 10 AM. The tour bus took everybody to Griffith Park, arriving at just before 11 AM. The tour group split up into teams to do sports while the tour guide and bus driver prepared to cook food on a portable grill.

Mari keeping score Mari kicking a ball

The group played several games of volleyball, and also a game of kickball. Mari gave prizes to some of the people who had played in the games, and everyone ate some food.

Mari catching a ball Mari giving a prize

Friday, 24 November
Genghis Cohen Gig

Mari at dinner

Everybody met at Genghis Cohen at 6:30 PM and ate dinner before Mari's gig. As the fans were finishing their food, Mari warmed up briefly and then the gig began a little after 8 PM. Besides the fan club group, there were a number of American fans in the audience.

Mari smiling

Mari started by singing No Limit followed by More than yesterday. Next, she sang Right Now, which was new to most of the Japanese fans. After that, Mari sang a new song in Japanese, Give it one more chance. It sounded very nice!

Mari singing

Next Mari sang another of her new songs, Happy Birthday. After that she performed two songs from Macross, Angel's Paints and Do you remember love?.

Mari's next song was Deep inside of you, a song by her favorite band, Third Eye Blind. I think Mari's voice sounds better for this song than Stephan Jenkins, the Third Eye Blind singer. After that, she sang another of her new songs, Rained Again.

Mari listening to applause

Before the trip Mari's Japanese fans had sent in requests for one of the songs Mari would sing. The song that had the most requests was Blue Christmas, so she sang that next. Finally, she sang Mari'n, and for this song she asked the Japanese fans to sing along with her.

Mari playing Mari singing

After the gig, Mari went outside to sign autographs, sell CDs, and pose for pictures with the fan club members. The producer of White Shadow, the movie she wrote the ending song for, dropped off a tape of the finished movie during the gig.

Mari signing autographs Mari holding tape

Saturday, 25 November

Mari with fans

The fan club members checked out of the hotel around 10 AM. The fans took many pictures of Mari, and posed for a group photo. After that, everybody took the tour bus to LAX, and the Japanese fans checked in for their return flight. There was an hour to spare before the flight left, so some of the fans sat and talked to Mari while others went to the duty-free shops.

The fans took many pictures with Mari at the entrance to the gate area, and then they left for their flight.

Mari signing autographs Mari holding book

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