Nan Desu Kan Special Report


Mari had two events--a concert Friday night, and a panel Saturday afternoon. Each event was followed by an autograph session.


Mari at concert

The concert was held Friday night after the opening ceremony, in the main event room. The line started formiing at 7 PM, an hour before the concert. It quickly stretched around several corners and out of sight. The audience was very loud and enthusiastic--I think this was the best audience of any convention so far.

Mari at concert

Mari began her concert with No Limit and More than yesterday, from her album No Limit. Next, she sang I miss you from Rain & Shine.

She then sang Happy Birthday, a new English-language song which is not yet available on CD.

Mari at concert

Mari sang two songs from Macross next, Cinderella and Ai Oboeteimasuka.

Finally, she sang Rained Again, a sad song in English which I particularly like.

Friday Autograph Session

After the concert Mari had an autograph session outside the main event room. She sold lots of CDs and T-shirts, and sold out of the Rain & Shine booklet.

Mari signing autographs Mari signing autographs


Unfortunately, due to a technical problem I was unable to record or take notes on Mari's panel. Sorry!

Mari at panel Mari at panel

Saturday Autograph Session

After the panel Mari had another autograph session. She sold more CDs, and now has only a few copies of No Limit left for sale.

Mari signing autographs Mari signing autographs

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