Right Now Announcement

This announcement was sent by email on July 8th, 2001:

From: Mari Iijima <maricircus@mediaone.net>
Date: Sunday, July 8, 2001 11:53 AM

To all of Mari's fans:
 Mari would like to thank all of you for your constant support-- from
her faithful fans that have been there from the beginning, to her
energetic new fans across the globe.
 Now-- after lots of busy times and hard work, Mari's new CD, Right Now,
is available (as of July 10th).  You can get it first via Mari's
website, <http://www.marimusic.com/> -- and the first 100 orders receive a
limited edition bonus CD single, "Miss M."  Also, brand new on the website
is a special behind-the-scenes document of some of Mari's hard work, a
video called "The Making of 'Right Now.'"  This video contains new candid
interview footage of Mari talking about writing, recording, and producing
the music you hear on Right Now, and shots of Mari singing, playing the
piano, producing, and "hanging out" with the musicians.
 Having spent the last two years writing, performing, arranging, and
preparing the new music that makes up Right Now, Mari is quite excited to
present it to all of you.  With the core of the album featuring members of
the band Toto, as well as guitarist Robben Ford, her friends Matt and Gregg
Bissonette, Tim Pierce, and others, Mari is proud to have the finest
musicians playing for her-- and for all of you to hear!
 So we hope you visit Mari's website and pick up Right Now-- RIGHT NOW!

 The staff at MariMusic

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