"Right Now" Concert Tour Special Report


Mari gave two concerts during this tour. The first was at Muse Hall in the Shinsaibashi area of Osaka on July 11th, and the second was at On Air East in the Shibuya area of Tokyo on July 12th. Each concert was followed by an autograph session.

Osaka Concert

Mari singing

Mari was accompanied for many of her songs by Jeff Babko on the keyboard or bass guitar. Mari played the keyboard and sang for some of the songs.

The first song was Right Now, the title song of the new album. This is my favorite song on this album. It was followed by More than yesterday.

Mari laughing

Next Mari sang Give It One More Chance, another song from Right Now. Jeff acompanied her on the bass guitar. She followed this with You Don't Love Me and I Love You, I Don't Love You, also form the new album.

She then sang ai oboeteimasuka, followed by signal from her second album, blanche, and itsumo no party from midori. After that, a segment of the Making of "Right Now" video was played.

Mari and Jeff
Mari singing

Mari then played Sayonara on her piano. This is an instrumental piece from the soundtrack Mari wrote for Lorna Doone. The soundtrack will be available on CD later this year. Next was Sing For Me, from Right Now.

Mari shaking something

nigirishimeta jealousy and Love is a miracle from Believe were next, followed by Free Style from Rain & Shine.

Next she sang GAMBARE! from My Heart In Red, followed by Rained Again from the new album. Finally, she sang Take It Easy from the new album with Andy and Ryan as an encore.

Mari and Jeff

Osaka Autographs

Mari talking to fans

After the concert, Mari signed autographs. The new album was on sale for the first time, along with posters and the Making of "Right Now" video.

Mari smiling Mari laughing

Tokyo Concert

Mari singing

Mari sang the same songs at her Tokyo concert, but this time she sang mari'n as a second encore. The Tokyo audience was very loud, and certainly the most enthusiastic I've ever seen.

Mari singing Mari backlit
Mari and the audience
Mari singing Mari adjusting her mic

Tokyo Autographs

Mari handing an autograph to a fan

After the concert the audience lined up to buy albums, videos, and posters. Mari signed autographs for a very long line of happy fans.

Mari surprised Mari smiling


Mika and friends

These people were a big help to me in Japan. They are Daisuke Tanaguchi, Masanao Sato, Mika Takeuchi, and Tomoko Ikeda. Mika was a particularly big help--if not for her, I would probably still be lost in the Osaka airport.

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