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What it is

This script takes a dot-head file and turns it into an outline with HALO styles inserted that can be rendered as a web page. You must have the HALO renderer to use this script.

A dot-head file is a format for exchanging outlines among various programs, most notably MORE. You can get a dot-head file from MORE by saving your outline as a "ThinkTank 2.0 PC" file.

How it works

The script is called like this:
workspace.headFileToHTML ( "Lina Inverse:Documents:Blizzard CD Security Procedures", @user.websites.Mahara.paranoia.CDSecurity )

The first parameter is a path to the dot-head file, the second is the address where you want the outline. If there was something at that address already, it will be replaced!

The outline created is for use with the HALO renderer . Each heading from the original file is given a HALO style tag, starting from level0. Comments attached to the heading are given the style "body." All text will be indented to preserve the same layout as the original outline.

You will need to define the styles for HALO. To do this, create a table directive called #HALO_style. Each style present in the outline should have an string object in this table, with the name of the object being the name of the style, and the value of the object being the HTML that you want that style to represent.

Why I wrote it

I still use MORE all the time, for a variety of different things. About three months ago, Dave put up a fat page ( with information about the dot-head format, and a script to read a dot-head file into an outline.

I found that it worked well, but I still ended up spending a long time inserting HTML tags into the resulting outline. So, I spent some time here and there writing a script that would produce an outline that could immediately be rendered into HTML. I used the HALO style approach instead of hardcoded tags for greater flexibility.

This script isn't the most polished piece of work. In particular, the code isn't nearly as well commented as I prefer. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email me!

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